Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release Tracks 1 - 13 are Sue's Best of 2008 Runners Up
1.   Bed Music: James Blackshaw tracks 2-3 Litany Of Echoes June Tompkins Sq.
2.   Die! Die! Die! Maybe: Definitely Promises Promises February S.A.F.
3.   The Fallen Leaves Go Now It's Too Late Now February Parliament
4.   Tears Run Rings How Will The Others Survive Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never April Claire
5.   Voyager One Ocean Grey Afterhours in the Afterlife March Loveless
6.   Aliens Guinea Pig Head First May Misc Music
7.   The Estranged Don't They Know Static Thoughts July Dirtnap
8.   Black Taj L.A. Shift Beyonder June Amish
9.   The Upside Down Silver Wind Human Destination August Beat the world
10.   Bed Music #2: Chef Menteur Track 1 We Await Silent Tristero's Empire November Backporch Revolution
11.   Eddy Current Suppression Ring Which Way To Go Primary Colours August Goner
12.   The Mojomatics Down My Spine Don't Pretend That you Know Me September Ghost
13.   Mogwai Bat Cat The Hawk is Howling October Matador
14. Bed Music: Michael Rother Tracks 1-7 Flammende Herzen (1976 reissue) 2009 Water
15. Heavy Hands Before It Takes Hold Smoke Signals 2009 Language Of Stone
16.   The Fall Wolf Kidult Man Imperial Wax Solvent 2008 Sanctuary
17. The Higher State And In time Darker By The Day 2009 13 O'Clock
18.   The Factory Try A Little Sunshine Perfumed Garden Vol. 1 (CD reissue)   Past & Present
19. Deerhunter Dot Gain Weird Era Cont. 2009 Kranky
20.   The Telescopes Flying Singles 1989-1991 2008 Mind Expansion
21. Weave! Mouthpiece Hysteria self titled 2009 Pacific Reasons
22. Flipper In Life My Friends Gone Fishin' (1984 reissue) 2009 Water
23.   The Not Amused Drop The bomb Flaunting their Talents 2008 Queen Mum
24. Cyclone 60 Peach Instant Classic 2009 (Self Released)
25. The Sonic Thrills I Don't Wanna Die Get Up! 2009 Truxton
26. The Mystery Girls I Don't Need You Incontinopia 2009 In the Red
27.   Majority One Get Back Home Perfumed Garden Vol. 3 (CD reissue)   Past & Present
28. Apple Betty Rebound Streakin' 'Cross the Sky 2009 (Self Released)
29. Os Haxixins Depois Eu Volto (gimme) self titled 2009 Get Hip
30.   The Emeralds All My Love For You Love is Rolling 2008 Austrailian Cattle God
31.   The Swedish Teens Helsinki Pinki Let's Get Rad   (Self Released)
32.   Blackstrap Ghost Children Ghost Children 2003 Sally Forth