Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Gabriel Johnson tracks 1-5 Fra_ctured 2010 Electrofone
2. Woven Bones Spirits Roams Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010 (comp) 2010 Matador
3.   Olivia Tremor Control The Opera House Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle 1996 Flydaddy
4.   Id The Rake A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych 1997 Arf Arf
5. Oh No Ono Eleanor Speaks Eggs 2010 Friendly Fire
6. Mean Jeans Slime Time Are You Serious? 2010 Dirt Nap
7.   The BellRays Fire on the Moon Grand Fury 2000 Upper Cut
8.   The Torquays Stolen Moments Garage Beat '66 #4 2005 Sundazed
9.   Snatches of Pink Goin' Down Dead Man 1988 Dog Gone
10.   The Cute Lepers Terminal Boredom Can't Stand Modern Music 2008 Black Heart
11. The Amcats Saving Face 7" vinyl 2010 Smashed
12. The Blood Moons Wasting My Time self titled 2010 75 Or Less
13.   Asteroid B612 Easy the Hard Way Readin' Between The Lines 2000 Full Toss
14.   Mod IV What Can I Do Yeah Yeah Yeah (comp) 1998 Cheep Cheep
15.   Mean Red Spiders I Recognize Places You Call Homer 1998 Teenage USA
16.   Math Bats Heat and Dust Bat Day Tonite 1985 (Self Released)
17. Primal Static Love Drone The Curtains Of Many Faces 2010 (Self Released)
18.   The Fallen Leaves The International Brigade That's Right 2009 Parliament
19.   The Masonics You Never Let Your Feelings Show Down Among The Dead Men 2001 Sympathy for the Record Indu...
20.   The Moguls Try Me Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 2 2000 Beat Rocket
21.   Outrageous Cherry Supernatural Equinox Supernatural Equinox 2003 Rainbow Quartz
22. Deastro Vermillion Plaza Moondagger 2010 Ghostly Intl.
23. The Konks Nerves 7" vinyl 2010 Static Eye
24.   Apple Betty You Gotta Take It All Let's Play! 2006 (Self Released)
25.   The Three 4 Tens Jack The Tripper Throw-Back-Move EP 1998 Lounge
26.   The Human Beinz Flower Grave Nobody But Me - Evolutions (CD reissue) 2006 Collectables
27.   20/20 Yellow Pills self titled 1979 Portrait
28.   Auto Interiors Brandywine No Frill Halo Flight 2001 Warm Design
29. The Skeptics You've Got A Heart Somewhere 7" vinyl EP 2010 Frantic City
30. Damon & Naomi Song to the Siren The Sub Pop Years, 1995-2002 2010 20/20/20