Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Old Furnace tracks 1- 12 Hidden Hills 2009 (Self Released)
2.   The Sonic Thrills I Want More Get Up! 2007 Truxton
3.   Clorox Girls Emergency self titled 2004 Smart Guy
4.   Light Back up A Lethal Dose Of Hard Psych 1999 Arf Arf
5.   The Mirrors Hate Reaction A Green Dream 2004 Birdman
6. The Higher State And In time Darker By The Day (sampler) 2009 13 O'Clock
7. Heavy Hands Before It Takes Hold Smoke Signals 2009 Language Of Stone
8.   The Crystalized Movements Stone Cathedral A Mind Disaster 1983 Twisted Village
9.   The Stray Time Machine 2001 A Space Rock Odyssey 2001 Sanctuary
10.   The Minutemen Tour Spiel Project Mersch 1985 SST
11.   Broadcast America's Boy Tender Buttons 2005 Warp
12. The Soundscapes Tides of Time Freestyle Family 2009 BNS
13. Swedish Teens The Critic Let's Get Rad! 2009 (Self Released)
14.   The Briefs Forty and Above Steal Yer Heart 2005 BYO
15.   The Miracle Workers Infected With You Moxie's Revenge 1989 Get Hip
16.   The Misunderstood I Unseen Before the Dream Faded (1960's reissue) 1992 Cherry
17.   Kinski Newport Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle 2001 Pacifico Recordings
18. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Hey Paul self titled 2009 Slumberland
19. Mystery Girls We Are the Death Cult Incontinopia 2009 In the Red
20.   Serena Maneesh Drain Cosmetics self titled 2006 Play Louder
21. The Magic Mixture It's Alright By Me This Is The Magic Mixture (1968 reissue) 2009 Sunbeam
22.   The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Confrontation Camp Welcome To The Infant Freebase 2000 Warner Brothers
23. Hemmit Held Out Rocket Ride 2009 Black Shoes
24.   Bullet LaVolta Dead Wrong self titled 1988 Taang
25.   Mission of Burma Playland ONoffOn 2004 Matador
26.   A Certain Ratio Blown Away Early 2002 Soul Jazz
27.   Brass Buttons Hell Will Take Care Of Her Hallucinations (1960's comp) 2004 Rhino
28. Cyclone 60 Peach Instant Clasic 2009 (Self Released)
29.   Monster Magnet King of Mars Dopes To Infinity 1995 A & M