Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Vibracathedral Orchestra Tracks 1-3 Turning to the rooster 2008 Important
2. Crystal Stilts Departure Alight of Night 2008 Slumberland
3.   Mystery Girls Silver and Gold Something in the water 2004 In the Red
4.   The Town Cryers Sometimes In the cool part of town 1990 Get Hip
5.   The Trojans of Evol Why Girl Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes #4 2001 Dionysus
6. Magic Christian Tomorrow Never Comes Evolver 2008 Wizard's Den
7. Surf City Records of a Flagpole Skater self titled EP 2008 Morr
8.   The Soviettes Matt's song The Soviettes LP 2003 Adeleine
9.   Arcadium It Takes A Woman Breathe a While (1969 reissue) 1992 Repetoire
10.   The Telepathic Butterflies Elixer Self titled 2003 Rainbow Quartz
11. Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened Microcastle 2008 Kranky
12. Imaginary Icons Mirror Panics Self titled 2008 Daggerman
13.   The Photo Atlas She was a matador no, not me, never. 2006 Morning After
14.   God Head Silo I Love Unicorns The Scientific Supercake LP 1994 Kill Rock Stars
15.   The Others Why Can't she be Mine Before Birdmen Flew vol. 3 2002  
16. The New Duncan Imperials I'm Invisible End Of Phase One 2008 Pravda
17. Mogwai Bat Cat Bat Cat EP 2008 (Self Released)
18.   Spacemen 3 Take me to the other side The Singles (CD reissue) 1995 Taang
19.   The Heads Pass the void Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive 2006 Alternative Tentacles
20. Hex Doubt I Gotta be me (comp) 2008 Psychic Circle
21. The Doom Buggies Condition Me Doom Music for Dining 2008 (Self Released)
22.   The Riplets Sick Of You Rock N Roll Beat 2003 My Frist Sonny Weissmuller
23.   Yard Trauma Borrowed Time Lose Your Head 1991 Gift of Life
24.   The Zantees Please Give Me something Out for Kicks 1980 Bomp
25.   The Trolls Don't Come Around Mindrocker vol. 2 1981 Line
26. The Upside Down Silver Wind Human Destination 2008 Beat the world
27. Faux Jean Would You Like a Bite of my Fruit The Mongolian Tapes 2008 (Self Released)
28.   The Neats Six Propellor EP (7" vinyl comp) 1980 Propellor