Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Eyvind King Tracks 1- 3 Live Low to the Earth, In the Iron Age 2009 self-released
2. Black Feelings Golden Children self titled 2009 Alien 8 Recordings
3.   The Dolly Rocker Movement Falling Home Again Falling Home Again 2006 Off the Hip
4.   The Brian Jonestown Massacre Got My Eye On You Strung Out In Heaven 1998 TVT
5.   The Pretty Things Talking About the Good Times SF Sorrow 1998 Snapper
6. Starry Saints Go self titled EP 2009 Comet Rock
7.   Cococoma You Better Beware Things Are Not All Right   Goner
8.   The Turpentine Brothers Wastin' Time We Don't Care About Your Good times 2005 Alive
9.   Sister Ray Someone I Used To Know To Spite My Face 1990 Resonance
10. Magic Plants I'm a Nothing Mayhem & Psychosis 2009 Laroche
11.   The Flaming Sideburns Street Survivor Save Rock 'n Roll 2002 Jetset
12. The Fallen Leaves The International Brigade That's Right 2009 Parliament
13.   Loop Too Real To Feel Heaven's End (reissue) 2008 Reactor
14.   Ghost Marrakech Lamdrabirdbi 1997 Drag City
15.   Legend Enjoy Yourself A Lethal Dose Of Hard Psych 1999 Arf Arf
16.   The Grip Weeds Don't Look Over Your Shoulder Summer of a Thousand Years 2001 Rainbow Quartz
17. Octopus Project Wood Trumpet Golden Beds 2009 Peek-a-boo
18.   Dungen Vem Vaktar Lejonen Stradsvandringar 2005 Astralwerks
19.   Alan Avon & The Toy Shop Night To Remember Chocolate soup For Diabetics #4    
20.   Band 19 Your Eyes Dictate 1985 Modern Method
21.   John Sims Blackberry Motorist Palomino 1999 Bedazzled
22. The Black Hollies Number Ten Girl Softly Towards The Light 2009 Ernest Jenning
23. Hash Skyling Slip self titled 2009 Tee Pee
24.   Die Princess Die Once a Liar Always a Liar Lions eat Lions 2006 Gold Standard Laboratory
25.   Lilliput Ain't You Complete Discography 2001 Kill Rock Stars
26.   Som Imaginario Super-Goo self titled (1970 reissue) 2006 Rev-Ola
27.   Turing Machine Don't Mind if I Don't Zwei 2003 French Kiss
28. A Place to Bury Strangers Smile When You Smile Exploding Head 2009 Mute
29. The Blood Moons Wasting My Time self titled 2009 74OL
30.   The Heartaches Kamikazi Love Too Cool For School 2006 Swami
31.   Thee Mighty Caesars Little by Little Caesars Remains 1997 Hangman
32. Electric Sunshine Stop!! Lost Souls vol 2 -Garage Psych from Arkansas and Beyond 1965-71 2009 Psych of the South
33.   The Gruesomes No More Lies Gruesomology 1985-89 2003 Sundazed
34. Tight Finks Pirate Love 2001-2008 Sampler 2009 (Self Released)
35. Pontiak The Spiritual Nurse Seavoids 2009 Thrill Jockey
36.   Pushtwangers Ticket to Paradise Here We Go Again 1986 Amigo
37.   Snares & Kites Herself Without a Parliament Tricks of Trapping 1999 Inbetweens
38. Olympic Krasna Neznama Psychedelic Super Piotr (comp) 2009 Past & Present
39.   The Specials Do the Dog self titled 1980 Chrysalis
40. King Automatic King Takes Queen In the Blue Corner 2009 Voodoo Rhythm
41. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Twins Higher Than The Stars 2009 Slumberland
42. Sparkles I need Help Mayhem & Psychosis 2009 Laroche
43.   Fabulous Disaster Viva La Prozac I'm a Mess 2004 Rodent Popsicle
44.   Simple Minds Life in a Day Life in a Day 1979 PVC