Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music:Ulaan Khol Tracks 1-6 II 2008 Self Abuse
2. Mystery Girls I Took The Poison Incontinopia 2008 In the Red
3.   The Resonars Flood Lamp Eyes Lunar Kit 2002 Get Hip
4.   Thee Fourgiven I Sympathize It Ain't Pretty Down Here 1985 Dionysus
5.   The Sonics Have Love Will Travel Here Are The Sonics!! (CD reissue) 1999 Norton
6.   Some Action Gotta Know EP 2003 Gigantic
7. The Emeralds Can't Say I Love You Baby Love Is Rolling 2008 Austrailian Cattle God
8. The Telescopes Precious Little Self titled (recordings 1990-91) 2008 Mind Expansion
9.   The Chameleons Don't Fall Script Of The Bridge 1983 Statik
10.   Auto Interiors Brandywine No Frill Halo Flight 2001 Warm Design
11.   The Eyes I'm Rowed Out The Arrival Of the Eyes, 1965-66 2000 Essex
12.   The Vivian Girls My Baby Wants Me Dead 7" vinyl 2008 Plays With Dolls
13. Bubblegum Lemonade Susan's In the Sky Doubleplusgood 2008 Matinee
14. Crystal Stilts Departure Alight of Night 2008 Slumberland
15.   The Hedrons Frame Of Mind One More Won't Kill Us 2007 4west
16.   Green Pyramids Tuesdays and Saturdays 7" vinyl 1993 Susstones
17. Molten Universe The Captor and The Captive One No Love Around 2008 Off the Hip
18. Mogwai Bat Cat The Hawk Is Howling 2008 Matador
19.   Helms It Takes Skin To Win McCarthy 2002 Kimchee
20.   Black Diamonds Not This Time Pretty Ugly vol. 1   Incessant Noise
21.   San Francisco Seals 8's Now Here 1994 Matador
22. Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened Microcastle 2008 Kranky
23.   Eddy Current Suppression Ring Get Up Morning self titled 2006 Dropkick
24.   Thee Headcoats Come Into My Mind I Am The Object of Your Desire 2000 Cock 1 Up
25.   Mean Red Spiders The New Nostalgia Still Life Fast Moving 2003 Claire
26.   Keith Shields Deep inside your mind The Psychedelic Scene 1998 Decca
27.   Blackstrap Sunrise Ghost Children 2003 Sally Forth
28. Magazine Rhythm Of Cruelty Scree: Rarities 1978-81 2008 CDOVD