Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Fennesz tracks 1-6 Black Sea 2008 Touch
2. 18th Dye Amorines Amorine Queen 2008 Crunchy Frog
3.   A Place to Bury Strangers Breathe self titled 2007 Killer Pimp
4.   Outrageous Cherry Girl You Have Magic In You Supernatural Equinox 2003 Rainbow Quartz
5.   Mad Violets Black Light Sound Reality World of... 1986 Lolita
6.   Pink Fairies Ten Thousand Words in a Cardbox Box The Golden years, 1969-71 1998 Purple Pyramid
7. Crystal Stilts Departure Alight of Night 2008 Slumberland
8. The Fall Is This New Imperial Wax Solvent 2008 Sanctuary
9.   The Booby Traps Movin' On self titledoff 2006 Off the Hip
10.   The Holy Rollers What You Said Fabouley 1991 Dischord
11.   Fugazi Bad Mouth self titled 1988 Dischord
12.   The Craig I Must Be Mad The Psychedelic Snarl: Rubble #1 1984 Bam Caruso
13. Moccasin The Rule of Queen Tsago Split 12" with Darker my Love 2008 I Hate Rock n Roll
14. The Divebomb Honey Pants on fire 7" 2008 Jilted
15.   The Outlets Third Floor The Outlets Rock, 1980 2007 (Self Released)
16.   The Dolly Rocker Movement Get Up Au Go Go A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine 2007 Off the Hip
17.   The Darwin's Theory Hosanna Chocolate soup For Diabetics #4   PCP
18. The Mojomatics Down My Spine Don't Pretend That You Know Me 2008 Ghost
19. Bubblegum Lemonade Tired Of Sleeping Doubleplusgood 2008 Matinee
20.   The Eastern Dark Walking Long Live The New Flesh 1986 What Goes On
21.   The High Dials City Rivers Fields In Glass EP 2004 Rainbow Quartz
22.   Edgar Broughton Band Hotel Room Self Titled (CD reissue of 1971 LP) 2004 EMI
23. The Von Bondies I Don't Wanna We Are Kamikazes 2008 (Self Released)
24. Parts & Labor Nowhere's Nigh Receivers 2008 Jagjaguwar
25.   Dora Flood Go in Tonigh Welcome 2002 (Self Released)
26.   Painted Faces Anxious Color Acid Dreams Testsment   DLCD
27.   Mighty Mofos Stranded self titled 1986 Midnight
28.   The New York Relex No Way Out Sold Out of Love 2005 TKO
29. The Escalator Haters So Tired And Lonely Warning! Warning! (7" vinyl) 2008 Sprinter
30. Darker My Love Fresh Cream 7" vinyl 2008 Danger Bird