Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: Bitcrush tracks 1-2, 4-7 Epilogue In Waves 2008 n5MD
2. Experimental Aircraft Walk Away Third Transmission 2008 Grave Face
3.   Yard Trauma Way It Will Be self titled 1984 Bona Fide
4. Sam Gopal Escalator Escalator (reissue of 1969 LP) 2008 Breathless
5. ASG Ballad Of Richard K Winusover 2008 Volcam Entertainment
6. Straight Arrows Can't Count Antipodean Screams vol. 2 2008 Off the Hip
7.   The Plugz Achin' Better Luck 1981 Fatima
8.   The Trend Shot On Sight Chocolate Soup for Diabetics #4   PCP
9.   Newtown Animals Acme Rebel Is Your Radio Active? 2001 Mint
10. Baby Woodrose Someone To Love Chasing Rainbows 2008 Bad Afro
11. The Fallen Leaves Go Now It's Too Late Now 2008 Parliament
12.   The Pain Teens She Shook Me Born In Blood 1990 Trance
13.   Hi Rise Turn You Cry Hi Rise II 1998 Squealer
14.   Outcasts Set Me Free Acid Dreams Testament   DLCD
15.   The New York Dolls Subway Train self titled 1973 Polygram
16. The Coffin Lids Tryin' To Be Cool 7" vinyl 2008 Sprinter
17. Mtn High Life Coach Wicked Wanderer 2008 Hot Dog City
18.   The Pressure Boys Combination Rangledoon 1984 A Root A Doot Doo
19.   The Gore Gore Girls Hunt You Down Strange Girls 2001 Get Hip
20.   The Clue Bad Times Pebbles vol. 8 1979 BFD
21. Fashion Failures Nowhere Fast Don't Make Me Kiss You, Mother F. 2008 75
22. Die!Die!Die! Maybe: Definitely Promises, Promises 2008 Saf
23.   The Screaming Trees Invisible Lantern Invisible Lantern 1988 SST
24. The Big Sleep Tigers In Our Hearts Sleep Forever 2008 French Kiss
25.   The Accent Red Sky At Night The Psychedelic Scene 1998 Decca
26. Dead Meadow Ain't Got Nothing (to go wrong) Old Growth 2008 Matador
27. The Raveonettes Aly, Walk With Me Lust Lust Lust 2008 Vice
28.   Gary Numan & Tubeway Army Machman Replicas 1979 Atco
29. Power Pill Fist Sagadraga Kongmanivong 2008 Grave Face
30. Hell On Heels Win Some, Lose Some Dogs, Records & Wine 2008 Dionysus