Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music:Chris Pearson/ Ekranoplan Alltracks Soundtracks 2008 (Self Released)
2. The 'ettes I Heard Tell Look At Life Again Soon 2008 Walking Around Sense
3.   The Time Beings Why Don't You Love Me It's About....Time 1996 Stanton Park
4.   The Reigning Sound When You Touch Me Too Much Guitar 2004 In the Red
5.   The Stoics Hate The World Ain't Round It's Square! 1998 Teenage Shutdown
6. Photon Band Cry, crycrycry Back Down To Earth 2008 Empyrean
7. Pacific UV Need Longplay2 2008 Warm
8.   The Outcrowd Be Good Then I Saw The Holy City 2005 Kora
9.   Neon Pearl Dream Scream 1967 Recordings (LP reissue) 2001 Acme
10. The December Sound Painkiller self titled 2008 Dying Sun songs
11. The Big Sleep Undying Love Sleep Forever 2008 French Kiss
12.   True West Lucifier Sam Hollywood Holiday (from CD reissue) 2007 Atavistic
13.   Original Sins Not Gonna Be Alright Big Soul 1987 Bar None
14.   The Bards Alibis Texas Flashbacks vol. 5 1986 Antar
15. Forbidden Tigers Next In Line /Magnetic Problems 2008 Dead Beat
16. Danava Where Beauty & Terror Dance UnonoU 2008 Kemado
17.   Tristan Psionic Trans Am Kid TPA Flight 028 1997 Sonic Unyon
18.   +/ - Cutting Out You Are Here 2003 Teen Beat
19.   Popol Vuh Selig Sind, Die Sanftmutigen Seligpreisung (CD reissue of 1973 recording) 2004 SPV
20. Dead Meadow I'm Gone Old Growth 2008 Matador
21. The Ripping Dylans Kids Antipodean Screams Vol. 2 2008 Off the Hip
22.   Mount Mckinleys You're Driving Me Insane The Indescribable High Rise Sounds Of Today 1999 Get Hip
23.   The Inexpensive Handmade Look What Good Is Up 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall 1995 Arf Arf
24.   The Riplets Bugs Rock 'n' Roll Beat 2003 My Frist Sonny Weissmuller
25. Coconut Coolouts Stick Up! Party Time Machine 2008 Haunted Horse
26. Experimental Aircraft Sit Still Third Transmission 2008 Grave Face
27.   The Riverboat Gamblers True Crime To The Confusion Of Our Enemies 2006 Volcom
28.   Nina Hagen Band TV Glotzer self titled (CD reissue) 1985 Columbia