Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Glissade Tracks 1-7 Further 2008 (Self Released)
2. Voyager One Ocean Grey Ocean Grey EP 2008 Loveless
3.   Snowpony 3 Can Keep A Secret (if 2 of them are dead) The Slow Motion World Of... 1988 Radioactive
4.   The Fastbacks See & Say Everyday Is Saturday 1984 No Threes
5.   Radio 4 Walls Falling The New Song & Dance 2000 Gern Blandsten
6. These New Puritans Colours Beat Pyramid 2008 Domino
7. The Big Sleep Tigers In Our Hearts Sleep Forever 2008 French Kiss
8.   Firehose Chemical Wire Ragin' Full-on 1986 SST
9.   The New Invincibles Rockin' Chair Legs Eleven 2004 Off the Hip
10.   Turnstyle Trot A Glass Menagerie -pop,psych pye collectables 1967-69 2007 Rpm
11.   Rocket From The Crypt On A Rope Scream Dracula Scream 1995 Interscope
12. ASG Gallop Song Winusover 2008 Volcam Entertainment
13. Photon Band Just Between You & Me Back Down To Earth 2008 Empyrean
14.   The Fire Dept Last One There Fire Dept. Group 2001 Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
15.   The No-Talents We Are The No-Talents Self titled 1997 Broken Rekids
16.   Q-65 It Came To Me Searchin In The Wilderness   Muziek Expres
17. The Dirtbombs It's Not Fun Until They See You Cry We Have You Surrounded 2008 In the Red
18. Elf Power Quiver & Quake In A Cave 2008 Ryko
19.   A Place To Bury Strangers Missing You self titled 2007 Killer Pimp
20.   Thin White Rope Rocket USA Bottom Feeders 1987 Frontier
21. The Sparrow Green Bottle Lover Complete CBS Recordings 1966-67 2008 Rev-Ola
22.   Rock 'n' Roll Stormtroopers Astrogirl On Fire 2006 Full Breach Kicks
23. Fashion Failures No Sleep Don't Make Me KissYou Mother F 2008 75
24. December Sound Maker self titled 2008 Dying Sun songs
25.   Bethany Curve Rest In Motion Skies A Crossed Sky 1996 Unit Circle Rekkids
26.   Painted Faces Anxious Color Acid Dreams Testament   DLCD
27.   The English Beat Mirror In The Bathroom I Just Can't Stop It 1980 Sire
28.   The Big Sleep Shima Son Of The Tiger 2006 French Kiss
29. Power Pill Fist Sagadraga Kongmanivong 2008 Grave Face
30.   Quintron Push Pull or Drag Unmasked Organ Light Year Of Infinity Man 2000 Bulb
31. Lords Of Gravity Paranoid Mind Antipodean Screams vol. 2 2008 Off the Hip