Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Ulaan Khol All III 2010 Self Abuse
2. The Archie Bronson Outfit Wild Strawberries Coconut 2010 Domino
3.   Black Lips Take Me Home (Back To Boone) Let it Bloom 2006 In the Red
4.   Cat Butt Freebase Journey to the Eye 1989 Sub Pop
5.   Keith Kessler Don't Crowd Me Ear Piercing Punk 1996 AIP
6. The Mynd Gardeners The Psychedelicatessen I See Through My Own Tyme 7" 2010 Smashed
7. The Chinese Stars Rabbit Face Heaven on Speed Dial 2010 Anchor Brain
8.   Parts & Labor Prefix Free Receivers 2008 Jagjaguwar
9.   Tar Goethe Jackson 1991 Sub Pop
10.   The Craig I Must Be Mad The Psychedelic Snarl-Rubble #1 1984 Bam Caruso
11.   The Patsys Invisible Girl On The 13th Kick 2005 Anyway
12. Sonic Avenues Radiation self titled 2010 Going Gaga
13. Moon Duo Stumbling 22nd St. Escape 2010 Woodsist
14.   Marble Orchard You're Never Gonna Hold Me Savage Sleep 1991 Estrus
15.   The Eastern Dark Walking Long Live The New Flesh 1986 What Goes On
16. Loyce E Os Gnomes Era Uma Nota De Brazillian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, Tropicalia 1967-76 2010 Tropicalia in Furs
17. Bad Liquor Pond Electric Splash 7" vinyl 2010 MT6
18. Eddy Current Suppression Ring Anxiety Rush To Relax 2010 Goner
19.   The Love me nots Keep Talking In Black & White 2007 Atomic A Go Go
20.   The Wipers Tragedy IsThis Real? (3 CD Box Set reissue) 2002 Zeno
21.   Swamp Rats Louie Louie Acid Dreams Testament   DLCD
22. Birthday Suits Table Talk The Minnesota: Mouth to Mouth 2010 Nice & Neat
23. Fang Island Life Coach self titled 2010 Sargent House
24.   39 Steps Freak Show self titled 1986 Line
25.   The Backgrounds The Day Breaks At Dawn Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes vol 2 1999 Bacchus Archives
26.   Last Stand Treason Boston Callin' (CD resissue) 1998 One Way
27. Victor Bravo Transparent Hammer Meets Fire 2010 (Self Released)
28. The Besnard Lakes Albatross The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night 2010 Jagjaguwar