Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: Bitcrush tracks 5- 10 Epilogue In Waves 2008 n5MD
2. The December Sound No Heaven Like Hell self titled 2008 Dying Sun songs
3.   Awesome Color Free Man self titled 2006 Ecstatic Peace
4.   Full Fathom Five Paingiver EP 1988 Link
5.   Scared Of Chaka Who's To Know Crossing With Switchblades 2001 Hopeless
6.   The Movement Head For The Sun The Glass Menagerie (comp) 2007 Rpm
7. The Black Hollies Bruised Tangerines Casting Shadows 2008 Ernest Jennings
8. The Big Sleep Slow Race Sleep Forever 2008 French Kiss
9.   The Black Lips Crazy Girl self titled 2003 Bomp
10.   The Embarrassment Beautfiul Day God Help Us 1990 Bar None
11.   The Outside In You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees Cicadelic 60's vol. 4 1993 Collectables
12.   The Raveonettes Beat City Whip It On 2002 Crunchy Frog
13. Astral Ways And Means Sleepwalker 2008 Vibraphone
14. The Dirtbombs I Hear The Sirens We Have You Surrounded 2008 In the Red
15.   The Konks Break My Back self titled 2005 Bomp
16.   The Electric Love Muffin This Time I'm Gone Playdoh Meathook 1987 Buy Our Records
17. The Sparrow Down Goes Your Love Life Complete CBS recordings 1966-67 2008 Rev-Ola
18. The 'Ettes Pay Up Look At Life Again Soon 2008 Walking Around Sense
19. Working For A Nuclear Free City So Businessmen & Ghosts 2008 Deaf Dumb & Blind
20.   Red Planet Starforce Revolution33 2000 Gearhead
21.   Curiousity Shoppe Baby I Need You The Psychedelic Scene 1998 Decca
22.   The Wayward Souls Inside My Mind A Real Cool Time (comp) 1985 Amigo
23. Photon Band Cry, crycrycry Back Down To Earth 2008 Empyrean
24. The Fallen Leaves Go Now It's Too Late Now 2008 Parliament
25.   Game Theory 24 Real Nighttime 1985 Rational
26.   Octopus Summer Restless Night; the complete pop-psych sessions 1967-71 2006 Rev-Ola
27.   The Greenhornes Pattern Skies East Grand Blues 2005 V2
28. Wrong Turn Gelatin Pyramids Antipodeans Screams vol. 2 2008 Off the Hip
29. Voyager One The Future Is Obsolete Ocean Grey EP 2008 Loveless