Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Aidan Baker / Thisquietarmy tracks 1-3 A Picture of a Picture 2009 Killer Pimp
2. Pains of Being Pure at Heart Hey Paul self titled 2009 Slumberland
3.   Baby Woodrose Disconnected Honey For soul 2003 Bad Afro
4.   The Time Flys Teenage Stoneage Fly 2005 Birdman
5.   Brian Jonestown Massacre Crushed Spacegirl and other Favorites 1995 Tangible
6.   Sun Dial Rollercoaster Acid YantraB 1995 Beggar's Banquet
7. Nivram Sombras World Beaters vol. 8 2009 Krazy World
8. It Hugs Back Don't Know Inside Your Guitar 2009 4 AD
9. Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots Time Machine Back To Beatsville 2009 Motor Sound
10.   The Dilettantes Ready To Go 101 Tamborines 2007 Stranger Touch
11.   A Passing Fancy I'm Losin' tonight Searching in the Wilderness   Muziek Express
12. The Right Ons Thanks Look Inside, Now 2009 2 Fer
13. Lotus Plaza Different Mirror The Floodlight Collective 2009 Kranky
14.   Codeine Cave-In Frigid Stars LP 1991 Sub-pop
15. The Stray For The People Denim, Leather & Breakbeats; Heavy Rock 1970-76 2009 DJ Soul
16. Gliss Sad Eyes Devotion Implosion 2009 Cordless
17. I Was a King Golden Years self titled 2009 The Control Group
18.   The Telepathic Butterflies Narcissus An Album 2003 Rainbow Quartz
19.   Dig I'll Stay High Runt 1993 Wasteland
20.   The Pink Faeries 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box The Golden years, 1969-71 1998 Purple Pyramid
21. Arbouretum Thin Dominion Song Of The Pearl 2009 Thrill Jockey
22. Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound Watch Me Bandaids On Bullet Holes 2009 Metropolis
23.   The Dils Class War Dils Dils Dils 2001 Dionysus
24.   Tall Dwarfs The Green Green Grass Of Someone Else's Home Stumpy 1997 Flying Nun
25. Shains Un Profundo Sentimiento World Beaters vol. 8 2009 Krazy World
26. All Tiny Creatures Minor Here All Beautifully Collides (comp) 2009 Home Tapes
27. The Invisible Rays Submarine Pt. 1: Seek No Glory Salute To The American Popular Song 2009 (Self Released)
28. Wooden Shjips Down By The Sea Dos 2009 Holy Mountain