Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Sad Sailor All Link to the outside world 2008 eh?
2. The 'ettes Crown of age Look at life again soon 2008 Walking Around Sense
3.   Green circles Knee jerk reaction Brass knobs, bevelled edges... 2003 Off the Hip
4.   Sundial Apollo Acid Yantra 1995 Beggar's Banquet
5.   The Shakers Who will buy (these wonderful evils)? Who will buy (these wonderful evils)? 2003 Dolores
6.   Tears run rings How wil the others survive? Always, sometimes, seldom, never   Claire
7. These are powers Peel some off Taro Tarot 2008 Hoss
8.   Theatre of hate The Wake Westworld 1982 Burning Rome
9. Clinic High coin Do it! 2008 Domino
10.   Shy guys Black lightning light Acid dreams testament    
11. The Black Box Revelation Love in your head Set your head on fire 2008 TFT
12. Dead meadow 'til kingdom come Old growth 2008 Matador
13.   Squirrel Bait Final Chapter self titled (CD reissue of 1985 LP) 1997 Dexter's Cigar
14.   The Heathens Problems The world aint round - it's square 1995 Teenage Shutdown
15.   Screaming dizbusters Summer of love 7" vinyl 1986 Amigo
16. The Valley Cruiser self titled 2008 (Self Released)
17. The Dirtbombs I hear the sirens We have you surrounded 2008 In the Red
18.   Teengenerate Right now Get action 1994 Crypt
19.   The Wombats Split in two Zontar must die 1984 Voxx
20.   The Laymen Practice what you preach Ya gotta have moxie -vol. 2 1999 AIP
21.   The Three O'clock Jet fighter Sixteen tamborines 1983 Frontier
22. The Black Hollies If you won't let go Casting shadows 2008 Ernest Jenning
23. Secret shine Stars in the sky All of the stars 2008 Claire
24.   The Tadpoles Dusty Baker Whirlaway 1999 Camera Obscura
25.   Tomorrow Real life permanent dream self titled (CD reissue of 1960's recordings) 1991 See For Miles
26. Elf power Quiver & Quake In a cave 2008 Ryko
27. 2nd Bed Music: Earth track 1 The bees made honey in the lions skull 2008 Southern
28. Bad dudes Eat drugs Eat drugs 2008 Retard Disco
29.   Red house 25 reasons 7" vinyl 1983 Wave Seven
30. The Fallen leaves All that you choose It's too late now 2008 Parliament
31. Teacher's pet Don't need you self titled (unreleased 1978 LP) 2008 Smog Veil