Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: Amargosa tracks 1-4 self titled 2008 (Self Released)
2. Tears run rings Fall into light Always Sometimes, Seldom, Never 2008 Claire
3.   Difference engine And Never Pull Breadmaker 1994 La Di Da
4.   The Embrooks Standing upside down Our new Day 2000 Bomp
5.   A Passing Fancy I'm losing tonight Searchin in the WILD-erness   Muziek Expres
6. The Black Box Revelation Set your head on fire Set your head on fire 2008 TFT
7. The Death Set Around the world Worldwide 2008 Counter
8.   Die Princess Die Jack Lions eat lions 2006 Gold Standard Laboratory
9.   The Blackouts Dead man's curve Men in motion 1981 Engram
10.   The Plague Face of time The Psychedelic Disaster Whirl 1986 Frantic
11.   dig I'll stay high runt EP 1993 Wasteland
12. The December Sound Painkiller self titled 2008 Dying Sun songs
13. Muck and the Mires Doreen Doreen 2008 Dirty Water
14.   The Defectors Come on down Turn me on 2004 Bad Afro
15.   The Cynics Get my way Rock 'n' Roll 1990 Skyclad
16.   Kit & the Outlaws Don't tread on me Texas Flashbacks vol. 5 1986 Antar
17.   The Daylight lovers Nobody can tell us self titled 2000 Sympathy for the Record Indu...
18. The Cops Islands Free Electricity 2008 The Control Group
19. Secret Shine Oblivion All of the stars 2008 Claire
20.   Magnapop Radio Waves Rubbing doesn't help 1996 Priority
21.   The Dishes Hole in your head 3 2003 File 13
22.   Human instinct A day in my mind's mind The Psychedelic scene 1998 Decca
23. Cloudland Canyon Mothlight part 1 Lie in light 2008 Kranky
24. Cheap Time Push your luck self titled 2008 In the Red
25.   Electric frankenstein The time is now The time is now 1997 Gearhead
26.   Black tamborine Pack it up Complete recordings (1989-1991) 1999 Fantastic
27.   Last knight Shadow of fear The Psychedelic Disaster Whirl 1986 Frantic
28. The Black Hollies Bruised tangerines Casting shadows 2008 Ernest Jennings
29.   The Dandy Warhols Nothing to do Dandy's rule OK 1995 Tim Kerr
30. The Okmoniks Teenage time bomb Party fever!!! 2008 Slovenly
31. Dead Meadow Ain't got nothing (to go wrong) Old growth 2008 Matador