Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: Russian Circles Tracks 1-5 Station 2008 Suicide Squeeze
2. Teachers' Pet Hooked on you Self titled (reissue) 2008 Smog Veil
3.   Epoxies Losing control self titled 2002 Dirt Nap
4.   Painters & Dockers Basia Love planet 1985 Big Time
5.   The Goldstars It's all about you Purple girlfriend 2006 Pravda
6.   The Burning Brides Poor house Hang love 2007 Modart
7. Secret Shine Stars in the sky All of the Stars 2008 Claire
8.   Mirrors A Green Dream A Green Dream 2004 Pop Quiz
9.   Godz Permanent Green light Godz 2 (CD reissueof 1967 LP) 2004 ESP
10.   Captain America Flame on Flame on EP 1992 Paper House
11.   The Misteriosos 7 Years self titled 2005 Triptone
12. Experimental Aircraft Sit Still Third transmission 2008 Grave Face
13. The Come 'n'Go Beer & Tears Something's gotta give 2008 Voodoo Rhythm
14.   The Tampoffs All the time self titled (demo) 2002 (Self Released)
15.   The Sound Barrier My Baby's gone Pebbles #8 1979 BFD
16.   Mystery Girls Circles in the sand Something in the water 2004 In the Red
17. The Deathset Day in the wife Worldwide 2008 Counter
18.   Film School Sick hipster nursed by suicide girl Hideout 2007 Beggar's Banquet
19.   Magic Dirt Ice self titled 1996 Dirt
20.   Roger Young It's been nice Chocolate soup for diabetics #4   PCP
21. Big Dipper Faith healer Supercluster (CD Box set reissues) 2008 Merge
22. The Black hollies Whispers beneath the willows Casting shadows 2008 Ernest Jenning
23.   The Things Can't get enough Outside my window 1986 Voxx
24.   Black diamonds Not this time Pretty ugly vol. 1 2000 Incessant Noise
25. Cheap Time Permanent Damage self titled 2008 In the Red
26. Does it offend you, Yeah? Attack of the 60ft lesbian octopus You have no idea what you're getting yourself into 2008 Almost Gold
27.   Trans am Play in the summer Red line 2000 Thrill Jockey
28.   My dad is dead She's in love Out of sight, out of mind 1993 Scat
29. Chumps Love life The problem with saxaphones/DC sessions 1977-1980 2008 Afterburn