Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Margins Tracks 1-7 self titled 2009 (Self Released)
2. Dolly Rocker Movement Our Brave New World Bad Afro Spring Sampler 2009 2009 Bad Afro
3.   Clinic Gideon Visitations 2006 Domino
4.   Aphrodites Child Magic Mirror Painting the Time, New Rubble vol. 6 2007 Past Present
5.   Asteroid B612 Easy the Hard Way Reading Between The Lines 2000 Full Toss
6. The Right Ons Take It Easy Look Inside, Now 2009 2 Fer
7. Gliss Anybody Inside Devotion Implosion 2009 Cordless
8.   Black Helicopter Golden Days Radio Sampler 2008 (Self Released)
9. Noi Tre Distruggimi World Beaters vol. 8 2009 Krazy World
10. The Guilty Hearts Devil's Tail Pearls Before Swine 2009 Voodoo Rhythm
11.   Caps Six Finger Shake Strip Down & Rebuild 2008 Heptown
12. Elusive Parallelograms Rev And Everything Changes 2009 (Self Released)
13.   Clockbrains Sleep Like the Driver Dropped From the Sun 1996 Spacesuit Factory
14.   Just William Cherrywood Green Painting the Time, New Rubble vol. 6 2007 Past Present
15.   Watermelon Men You Should Be Mine Past Present Future 1985 What Goes On
16. Matt Alien You Devils Make Your Own Luck Fuck Blues 2009 No Squares or Hippies
17. Wooden Shjips For So Long Dos 2009 Holy Mountain
18.   Floorian Or So They Say What The Buzzing 2004 Bomp
19. Blue Phantom Distillation Mind Expanders vol. 1 2009 Past Present
20.   Bailter Space Projects B.E.I.P 1993 Matador
21. The Invisible Rays Chamber Of Dreams Salute To The American Popular Song 2009 (Self Released)
22. (The) Nervous Rex Blow My Mind The World Of... 2009 Woof
23.   The Distraction What Do You Know Calling All Radios 2002 Dirtnap
24. Pleazers Can't Pretend World Beaters vol. 8 2009 Krazy World
25. The Stray For The People Denim, Leather & Breakbeats; Heavy rock 1970-76 2009 Dr. Soul
26.   Torche Across The Shields Meanderthal 2008 Hydrahead
27. Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots Zip-a-tone Back To Beatsville 2009 Motor Sound
28. Boston Spaceships Keep Me Down The Planets Are Blasted 2009 GBV