Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Codes In The Clouds All tracks Paper Canyon 2009 Erased Tapes
2. Black Moth Super Rainbow Tooth Decay Eating us 2009 Grave Face
3.   Prototypes Je Ne Te Connais Pas self titled 2006 Minty Fresh
4.   The Four Corners Miss Moneypenny Say You're a scream 2001 Kindercore
5.   Atlantics Come On Before Birdmen Flew vol. 3 2002  
6. Weird Owl Skeletelepathic Tee Pee Spring sampler 2009 Tee Pee
7. I Was a King Not Like This self titled 2009 The Control Group
8.   Sportsguitar Gong Gong Fade I Cliche 1996 Deriviative
9.   Belreve Look Out self titled 1995 Slumberland
10.   The Factory Path Through the Forest Path Through the Forest 1994 BTF
11. The Long Strides Cyclone on the Loose self titled 2009 Off the Hip
12.   Mangan Zoides Dejame Entrar El Entierro De Los Mangan Zoides 2006 Union
13.   The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs In My Head Waiting For The Death Of My Generation 2001 Triple X
14. Saicos Te Amo self titled (1966 reissue) 2009 Repsychled
15.   The Stuck Ups Anywhere But Here Human Doll Express 2002 Sympathy for the Record Indu...
16. The Pink Fits I'm On The Red De Ja Blues 2009 Off the Hip
17. The Silversun Pickups There's No Secrets This Year Swoon 2009 Danger Bird
18.   Plasticland No shine For The Shoes Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderland 1985 Pink Dust
19.   The Chinese Millionaires Wildwood Detroit Doublecross 2000 Rip Off
20. Xextu Xohanna Andergraund Vibrations (Spanish Hard Psych 1970-78) 2009 Hundergrum
21.   The Arrivals Sleeping In Exsenator Orange 1985 Thick
22.   The Nomads Nitroglycerine Shrieks self titled EP 1985 Homestead
23. So Many Dynamos If You Didn't Want To Know The Loud Wars 2009 Vagrant
24. Wooden Shjips Fallin' Dos 2009 Holy Mountain
25.   Bethany Curve Temporary Gold 1998 (Self Released)
26. The Next Step Power To Fly Up From the Grave (N. California psych 1965-68) 2009 Frantic
27. Viva Voce Tornado Alley Rose City 2009 Barsuk
28. The Cocktail Slippers Anything You Want Saint Valentine's Day Massacre 2009 Wicked Cool Records
29.   Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Afro Extra Width 1993 Matador
30.   Cosmic Psychos She's Crackin' Up Go The Hack 1990 Sub Pop
31.   The Exotics I Was Alone Green Crystal Ties vol. 4 1998 Collectables
32.   Compass Phases From the Super Beyond A Thousand Trills and quivering sounds 2000 (Self Released)
33. Cave Track 1 Psychic Psummer 2009 Important
34. The Dolly Rocker Movement Sold For Sinners Our Days Mind The Tyme 2009 Off the Hip
35.   The Black Hollies Bruised Tangerines Casting Shadows 2008 Ernest Jenning
36.   Danny Provisor It Really Tears me Up Mindblowing Encounters Of The Purple Kind 1998 Dig Up
37.   The Plugz Achin' Better Luck 1981 Fatima
38.   The Embarrassment Sex Drive Heyday 1979-83 (CD reissues) 1995 Bar None
39. The Booby Traps Bad Reaction Makin' It with the... 2009 Off the Hip
40.   Elders of Zion Eject the Push Button Punks Dawn Refuses to Rise 2002 Incidental