Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: A Broken Consort Tracks 1-3 Box Of Birch 2009 Tompkins Sq.
2. The Fresh & Onlys Shattered Moon self titled 2009 (Self Released)
3.   The Grip Weeds Better World The Sound is in You 2003 Rainbow Quartz
4.   The Ugly Beats Take a Stand Take a Stand 2007 Get Hip
5.   Flies I'll Pass On By Pretty Ugly vol. 1   Incessant Noise
6. The Horrors I Can't Control Myself Primary Colours 2009 XL
7.   The Dangermen Our Respect The Dark Place 2006 Merenoise
8.   Government Issue Crash Crash 1988 Giant
9.   Plastic Crimewave Sound What Goes Up Flashing Open 2004 Rocket
10.   Abel Fletcher Girl On The Shore Painting the Time, New Rubble vol. 6 2007 Past & Present
11.   The Warlocks Stickman Blues Phoenix Album 2002 Birdman
12. The Omens Down On You Send Black Flowers 2009 Hipsville
13. Wooden Shjips Motorbike Dos 2009 Holy Mountain
14.   Gargoyle Sox Evil Exhibition As The Master Sleeps 1985 Metro America
15.   Ultimate Spinach Her Head Is Reeling Self Titled (1967 reissue) 1995 Big Beat
16. The Long Strides Perfect Prescription self titled 2009 Off the Hip
17. The Booby Traps Diddley Wrong Makin' It 2009 Off the Hip
18. The Right Ons Thanks Look Inside, Now 2009 2 Fer
19.   Sunsets The Hot Generation Before Birdmen Flew vol. 3 2002  
20.   The Idle Strand In My Own Room self titled 1986 Blackberry Way
21. The Dolly Rocker Movement Memory Layne Our Days Mind The Tyme 2009 Off the Hip
22. The Silversun Pickups There's No Secrets This Year Swoon 2009 Danger Bird
23.   Erase Errata Tax Dollars Nightlife 2006 Kill Rock Stars
24.   Imaginary Icons Cellular Automata self titled 2008 Daggerman
25. Road Runners LSD World Beaters vol. 8 2009 Krazy World
26. The Cocktail Slippers In The City Saint Valentine's Day Massacre 2009 Wicked Cool Records
27. The Gimmies Fever Street Roll Up 2009 Off the Hip
28.   The Vokokesh Once More Near The Beginning All This & Hieronymous Bosch 2007 Strange Attractors Audio House