Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: James Blackshaw tracks 1- 3 Litany of echoes 2008 Tompkins Sq.
2. Awesome color Burning Electric Aborigines 2008 Ecstatic Peace
3.   Versus Blade of Grass The Stars are insane 1994 Teen Beat
4. The Gang Squatters Zero hits 2008 Absolutely Kosher
5.   Jellyfish Kiss Soul apart Plank 1990 Shimmy Disc
6. Los Beat 4 Civilizacion Love peace & poetry: Chilean Psych 2008 Normal
7. The Wildebeests One and one 7" vinyl 2008 Slovenly
8. Indian jewelry Pompeii Free Gold 2008 We are free
9.   The Cosmic rough riders The gun isn't loaded Enjoy the melodic sunshine 2000 Poptones
10.   Macha You and new plastic Macha loves Bedhead 2000 Jet Set
11.   Freeborne Images Peak impressions 1967 Monitor
12.   Zulus Gotta have faith self titled 1985 Green World
13. Appomattox Either way A O 2008 Triple Down
14. The Cute Lepers It's summertime, baby Can't stand modern music 2008 Black Heart
15.   Generation X From the heart self titled 1978 Chrysalis
16.   The Outsiders Won't you listen Searchin in the wilderness   Muziek Expres
17.   The Ugly beats I'll close my eyes Bring on the beats 2005 Get Hip
18. The Four slicks She's with it Bonneville 2008 Born Bad
19. Cloudland Canyon White woman Lie in light 2008 Kranky
20.   Swervedriver Kill the Super heroes self titled 1991 Creation
21.   The Third power Persecution self titled (CD reissue of 1960's LP) 2005 Akarma
22.   Major stars Can't end today Mirror/Messenger 2007 Drag City
23. Ladytron Ghosts Velocifero 2008 Nettwerk
24. The Boxing Lesson Brighter Wild streaks & windy days 2008 (Self Released)
25.   Yo Bowl of Cherries Charm world 1985 Dead Beat
26.   Les breastfeeders Y a rien a faire Dejeurner sur L'Herbe 2005 Blow The Fuse
27.   Moods Rum drunk Pretty Ugly vol. 1   Incessant Noise
28.   Three Four Tens Jack the tripper Throw-back-move EP 1998 Lounge
29.   The Agenda Out with the old! In with the new! Start the panic 2003 Kindercore
30. Dynamiters Man outside 7" vinyl 2008 (Self Released)
31. Frustration No Trouble Relax 2008 Born Bad