Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Vulcanus68 tracks 1-6 2 2009 Gigante Sound
2. Deerhunter Circulation Rainwater Cassette Exchange 2009 4AD
3.   Darker My Love Summer Is Here self titled 2006 Danger Bird
4.   Lush Leaves Me Cold Gala 1990 4AD
5. The Next Step I've Got Love Up From the Grave (comp) 2009 Frantic
6. Amazing Baby Deerripper Rewild 2009 Shangri-La
7. The Gimmies Turnin' Into Your Mind Roll Up 2009 Off the Hip
8.   The Datsuns Get Up (don''t fight it) Outta Sight/Outta Mind 2004 V2
9.   Naked Raygun Home of the Brave All Rise 1986 Homestead
10.   The Alarm Clocks Yeah self titled (1966 reissue) 2000 Norton
11. The Grannies We Ruined It For Everyone Hot Flashes 2009 Wondertaker
12. Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound Drunken Leaves When Sweet Sleep Returned 2009 Tee Pee
13.   Maserati Keep It Gold The Language Of Cities 2002 Kindercore
14. The Fruit Machine I'm Alone Today Speaking My Mind- New rubble vol. 2 2009 Past & Present
15.   Green on Red Apartment 6 self titled 1982 Down there
16. Black Moth Super Rainbow Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise Eating Us 2009 Grave Face
17. Oneida I Will Haunt You Rated O 2009 Jagjaguwar
18.   Loop Pulse Fade Out 1988 Rough Trade
19.   Dipsomaniacs Feel The Travel Praying Winter 2003 Camera Obscura
20.   The 23rd Turnoff I'll Be 'Round The Dream of Michelangelo: the legendary '66-'67 recordings 2005 Rpm
21. Tiny Masters of Today Pop Chart Skeletons 2009 Mute
22.   Kraftwerk Tour De France Tour De France Soundtracks 2003 Astralwerks
23.   Walking Bicycles Welcome To The Future Disconnected 2006 High Wheel
24. Tranzmitors Invisible Girl Busy Singles 2009 Deranged
25.   Wreckless Eric Broken Doll Big Smash 1980 Stiff
26. The Reckless Hearts Yer A Blur Get Up and Run 2009 Off the Hip
27. Hitch We Were All Wrong Clair.Obscur 2009 Latest Flame