Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed music: Irata tracks 1-6 self titled 2008 (Self Released)
2. Appomattox Money from 10 to 4 AO 2008 Triple Down
3. Xu Xu Fang Good times The mourning son 2008 (Self Released)
4.   The Poster Children Where we live Daisy Chain reaction 1991 Twin Tone
5.   The Shocking Blue Long and Lonesome Road Best of... 1994 ConnoisseurCollector
6. Wooden Ships Clouds over Earthquake Vol. 1 2008 Holy Mountain
7. Apache Boyz Life Boom Town Gems 2008 Birdman
8.   Splat Cats Down & Out Sin 73 1986 Moving Target
9. Teacher's pet Hooked on you self titled (reissue of 1977-1980 recordings) 2008 Smog Veil
10.   Chords Five Universal vagrant Chocolate soup for diabetics #4   PCP
11. Labor Party Show to do Hellhound down 2008 Steel Cage
12. Black Strap Too far gone Steal my horses and run 2008 Tee Pee
13.   Snow pony Easy way down Slow-motion world of... 1998 Radioactive
14.   Nomads You ain't gonna bring me down Uptight 2002 Sympathy for the Record Indu...
15.   Godz Radar Eyes Godz 2 (reissue of 1967 LP) 2004 ESP
16. No Age Sleeper hold Nouns 2008 Sub Pop
17. Black Taj L.A. Shift Beyonder 2008 Amish
18. Simply Saucer Almost ready Betty Half human/ Half live 2008 Factor
19.   The Creatures of the golden dawn Hurricane fighter plane An incident at owl creek 2006 Get Hip
20.   Big dipper A song to be beautiful Box set (resissue of 1980's Lps) 2008 Merge
21.   The Wipers Over the edge Box set (resissue of 3 1980's Lps) 2002 Zeno
22. Hollywood Ione Skye Hits! an all time low 2008 Big Neck
23. The Black Angels You in Color Directions to see a ghost 2008 Light in the Attic
24.   The Seeds Can't seem to make you mine self titled 1966 GNP/Crescendo
25.   Boris w/ Michio Kurihahra Starship narrator Rainbow 2007 Drag City
26. Los Yorks No me dejes El Viaje 1966-74 2008 Munster
27. The Dirty Hearts Record store Pigs 2008 Socyermom