Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Black To Comm tracks 1-11 Charlemagne & Pippin 2009 Digitalis
2. Jets Overhead Fully Shed No Nations 2009 Vapor
3.   The Early Hours Get What I Want Lights, Guitars, Action 2007 Off the Hip
4.   Loved Ones Surprise, Surprise Pebbles Vol 10 1997 AIP
5.   Outrageous Cherry The Astral Transit Authority The Book Of Spectral Projections 2001 Poptones
6. Bipolar Bear Auto Clock Tough Boat 2009 Limited Appeal
7. Six Finger Satellite Artificial Light Half Control 2009 Load
8.   Panthers Panthers Pow Pow Pow Are You Down?? 2002 Troubleman
9.   The Chameleons In Shreds EP 1985 Statik
10.   Aqua Nebula Oscillator Ready To Fly Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music 2007 Pan European
11.   Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies You Can't Ever Come Down American Metaphysical Circus 1969 Columbia
12.   Oneida All Arounder Anthem Of The Moon 2001 Jagjaguwar
13. The Intelligence Tower Fake Surfers 2009 In the Red
14. Himalaya Melt Away self titled 2009 (Self Released)
15.   Elf Power When Serpents Approach Vainly Clutching At Limbs 2000 Arena Rock
16.   Eagles Of Death Metal I Only Want You Peace Love Death Metal 2004 Ant Acid Audio
17. The Wynotts Invisible self titled 2009 (Self Released)
18.   Loop This Is where You end Fade Out (CD reissue) 2008 Reactor
19.   Serena Maneesh Drain Cosmetics self titled 2006 Beggar's Banquet
20.   Rose of Avalanche Always There Always There 1987 Fire
21.   Electric Prunes Get Me To The World On Time Lost Dreams 2000 Birdman
22.   The Crybabies See Saw How The Other Half Lives 2003 Dino
23. The Hex Dispensers I've Got My Doppleganger On Winchester Mystery House 2009 Douche Master
24. Oneida I Will Haunt You Rated O 2009 Jagjaguwar
25.   Floor In A Day Dove 2004 No Idea
26.   Pink Faeries Do It The Golden years, 1969-71 1998 Purple Pyramid
27.   Pegboy Strong Reaction Strong Reaction (CD Reissue) 2000 Quarter stick
28. The Black Hollies Gloomy Monday Morning 7" vinyl 2009 Ernest Jenning
29.   Roxy Music Both Ends Burning Siren 1975 Atco