Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music: Bronzed Chorus Tracks 1-8 I'm the Spring 2009 Hello sir
2. Rainy Day Saints Underwater Again Reflected 2009 Get Hip
3.   the asteroid #4 What a Sorry Way to Go Introducing... 1998 Lounge
4.   The Chesterfield Kings Stems and Flowers The Mindbending Sounds of... 2003 Sundazed
5.   The Human Instinct A Day In My Mind's Mind The Psychedelic scene (comp) 1998 Decca
6.   The Greenhornes Hard Times Dual Mono 2002 Telstar
7. Riverdales Prince of Space Invasion USA 2009 Monona
8. Circulatory System round again Signal Morning 2009 Cloud Recording
9.   Lab Partners Blood Moon Wicked Branches 2005 Reverb
10.   Roky Erickson & the Aliens Two-Headed Dog The Evil One (plus one) 2003 Sympathy for the Record Indu...
11. Nebula The Other Side Heavy Psych 2009 Tee Pee
12. Japandroids Wet Hair Post-Nothing 2009 Polyvinyl
13.   The Flaming Lips Out For a Walk 12" EP 1986 Lovely Sorts of Death
14.   Shy Guys Black Lightning Light Acid Dreams Testament (comp)   DLCD
15. It Hugs Back Both Arms 7" vinyl 2009 4AD
16. Los Explosivos No Me Vas A Asustar self titled 2009 Get Hip
17.   The Cinch Take Your time Dirtnap Across The Northwest 2003 Dirtnap
18.   The Sleazies My Kid Drank Poison Trite Ditties and meaningless Crap 2003 Pelado
19.   Clefs Bring It to Jerome Before Birdmen Flew vol. 3    
20.   The Naked Eye All Talk No Action Done and Dusted 2005 Off the Hip
21. The AKAs Get It Together Animal Summer 2009 Paper and Plastick
22. The Black Drumset The Good in the Bad of the Good Self titled 2009 (Self Released)
23.   Small My Head Is full Of Chocolate Chin Music 1994 Alias
24.   The Pacific Ocean All The Better Luck Less Than The Needle, More Than The Shotgun 2000 Enchante
25.   Randy and the Rest Confusion Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes vol. 6 2002 Bacchus Archives
26.   The Gills Ghosting Burn Your Fingers On the Sun (comp) 2007 Off the Hip
27. The Clean Are You Really On Drugs Mister Pop 2009 Merge
28. The Vandelles Lovely Weather Del Black Aloha 2009 (Self Released)
29. Plasticines Camera About Love 2009 Nylon