Artist Song Album Year Label
  = new release
1. Bed Music:Autumn in Halifax and The Leaves Tracks 1-6 Robert Frank & Moon 2009 Carbon
2. Himalaya Melt Away Himalaya 2009 (Self Released)
3.   360's Spoonful (Strawberry Stone) Strawberry Stone 1994 Link
4.   Hydro Pyro Hydro Pyro Green Crystal Ties Vol 4 1998 Collectables
5.   Black Lips Not A Problem Let it Bloom 2006 In the Red
6.   Demetia 13 Sell Your soul Gotham Garage (compilation) 2003 Enoch
7. The Black Drumset Short Steep Curve self titled 2009 (Self Released)
8. Oneida The River Rated O 2009 Jagjaguwar
9.   Trans Am Play in the Summer Red Line 2000 Thrill Jockey
10.   Harmonia Dino Musik von Harmonia (1974 Re-issue) 2006 Lillith
11. Bipolar Bear Duke Mgee Tough Boat 2009 Limited Appeal
12. Los Explosivos Callate Ya! self titled 2009 Get Hip
13.   The Bobbyteens I'm Alright Not so Sweet 2000 Estrus
14.   The Cynics Why you Left Me Blue Train Station 1986 Get Hip
15.   East Side Kids Close Your Mind The Psychedelic Experience vol. 1 2003 Subliminal Sounds
16. Jets Overhead I should Be Born No Nations 2009 Vapor
17. Six Finger Satellite Artificial Light Half Control 2009 Load
18.   Blonde Redhead Violent Life La Mia Vita Violenta 1995 Smells Like Records
19.   Blank Its Still See You Happy Accidents 2006 Empty
20.   Angry Samoans Staring At The Sun STP not LSD 1988 PVC
21.   Angry Samoans Death of Beewak STP not LSD 1988 PVC
22.   Glass Family House Of Glass Hallucinations: Psychedelic pop Nuggets from the WEA vaults 2004 Rhino
23. Rainy Day Saints Sally Go Round Reflected 2009 Get Hip
24. The Hex Dispensers It's Your Funeral, Minion Winchester Mystery House 2009 Douche Master
25.   Dag Nasty Never Go Back Can I Say 1986 Dischord
26.   Mondo Topless I'm Crying Go Fast! 2002 Get Hip
27.   The Misunderstood She Got Me The Lost Acetates 1965-66 2004 UT
28.   Cherry Smash The Seeker Shake it! Off the Hip Sampler #1 2006 Off the Hip
29. The AKAs Weddings & Funerals Animal Summer 2009 Paper and Plastick
30.   Blondie One Way or Another Parallel Lines 1978 Chrysalis