Artist Song Album Month Label
1.   Bed Music #1: Bitcrush tracks 5-6 epilogue in waves February n5MD
2.   The Setting Son I Love You self titled January Bad Afro
3.   Baby Woodrose Let Yourself Go Chasing Rainbows January Bad Afro
4.   Sam Gopal Midsummer's Night Dream Escalator (reissue of 1968 LP) January Breathless
5.   The Big Sleep Slow Race Sleep Forever February French Kiss
6.   Dead Meadow 'til Kingdom Come Old Growth February Matador
7.   The December Sound No Heaven Like Hell self titled February Dying Sun songs
8.   Experimental Aircraft Sit Still Third Transmission February Grave Face
9.   Photon Band Cry, crycrycry Back Down to Earth February Empyrean
10.   The Dirtbombs I Hear The Sirens We Have You Surrounded February In the Red
11.   These New Puritans Numerology (AKA Numbers) Beat Pyramid March Domino
12.   The Black Hollies Paisley Pattern Ground Casting Shadows March Ernest Jenning
13.   Bed Music #2: glissade Tracks 1-2 further March (Self Released)
14.   Secret Shine Stars In The Sky All of the Stars April Claire
15.   No Age Cappo Nouns April Sub Pop
16.   The Hex Dispensers Lose My Cool 7" vinyl May Douche Master
17.   Black Strap The Bitter, the Sweet Steal My Horses and Run May Tee Pee
18.   Ladytron Burning Up Velocifero May Nettwerk
19.   Awesome Color Eyes of Light Electric Aborigines May Ecstatic Peace
20.   The Night Marchers I Wanna Deadbeat You See You In Magic June Vagrant
21.   The Cute Lepers Terminal Boredom Can't Stand Modern Music June Black Heart
22.   The Black Angels You In Color Directions to See a Ghost June Light in the Attic
23.   Irata Slide self titled July (Self Released)
24.   Apache Crystal Clear Boomtown Gems July Birdman
25.   The Love Me Nots Secret Pocket Detroit July Atomic A Go Go
26.   Bed Music #3: Russian Circles Track 2 Station April Suicide Squeeze
27.   Darker My Love Talking Words 2 July Danger Bird
28.   Faux Jean Would You Like a Bite of My Fruit? The Mongolian Invasion August (Self Released)
29.   Deerhunter Little Kids Microcastle October Kranky
30.   La Dusseldorf La Dusseldorf Dusseldorf (1974 reissue) October Water
31.   Bed Music #4: Ulaan Khol Track 2 II November Self Abuse
32.   Crystal Stilts Departure Alight of Night October Slumberland
33.   Parts & Labor Satellites Receivers October Jagjaguwar
34.   18th Dye Amorines Amorine Queen October Crunchy Frog
35.   Molten Universe Strange Kind of Love No Love Around November Off the Hip